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Before Surgery

Bone & Joint Camp | Pre-Surgery Testing

The Bone & Joint Institute hosts a Bone & Joint Camp each Wednesday morning beginning at 10:00 am. Once you have elected surgery, your physician will schedule your date to attend, typically the week prior to your surgery. Every patient and their primary post-surgery caregiver should attend this informative and interactive classroom-style group orientation taught by an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including staff from anesthesia, surgery, bone and joint nursing, infection prevention, dietary, pharmacy and physical therapy.

The Bone and Joint Institute Orientation sets clear expectations so that you and your primary caregiver is comfortable with what to expect - from pre-admission to discharge to post-surgical therapy - and to equip you with knowledge for optimal outcomes.

You will receive a Bone & Joint Camp handbook that includes next steps, what to expect prior to the procedure and during the hospital visit, and best practices and instructions for care upon returning home from the procedure. Your handbook covers everything from pre and post-procedure exercises, items you will need in the hospital setting and at home, and instructions for caregivers

Following the orientation, you are escorted to their pre-admission appointment for pre-surgery lab and imaging procedures.

After: The Bone and Joint Unit

After your procedure, you will be cared for by our specialized orthopedic nursing team on our Bone and Joint unit. Located on the first floor of the hospital, this specially designed unit is specifically for our bone and joint patients for increased staff efficiencies and optimal patient outcomes.

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