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Pay My Bill

We offer an online payment portal to view your statement or make payments by credit card online. To access the portal, click the link below to be re-directed to the secure website. This method is secure and will allow you to pay your bill in full or in part, based upon the arrangements you have made with the hospital business office.

view or pay your bill online

If you would like assistance, we would be happy to help you with understanding or paying your bill. If you cannot pay your bill at the time of service, we can create a payment plan that better fits your financial needs. For assistance, please call customer service at 877-830-9160.

Financial Assistance Program

Our Financial Assistance Program is available:

  • If you are under-insured (you do have some form of insurance coverage for health care services but such coverage is insufficient to pay your current bill). An example of this would be an insurance policy that does not cover maternity benefits.
  • If you are uninsured, (you do not have health insurance and are not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid or public assistance).

A Financial Assistance Application must be completed to assess your eligibility for this program. We will verify that you do not have insurance or your insurance does not cover your stay at our hospital.

If you receive assistance from our Financial Assistance Program, we will ask you to sign an agreement to pay the reduced portion of your bill in monthly installments.

 The Financial Assistance Application requires income verification which includes at least two (2) documents from the following list.

  • Most recent State or Federal Income Tax Return
  • Employer Pay Stubs for the last two months
  • Written documentation from income sources
  • Copies of all bank statements for the last three months
  • Current credit report (which we can obtain based on your authorization)

After obtaining at least two of these documents, please call 877-830-9160 for more information on our Financial Assistance Program. You can apply for this program prior to your date of service and up to 4 months after your date of service.

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