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As a direct admit facility, no emergency department is needed for admission to our unit. If a loved one is experiencing signs or symptoms of an emotional illness, call 501.620.2759 to set up a consultation.

Call (501) 620-2759

Locate a physician through our Find a Doctor page.

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Call our Physician Referral line at (877) 320-3222.

Call (877) 320-3222

The Senior Care unit is a short term unit, which means patients will stay in Senior Care only while acute hospital care is required. The specially designed unit and patient rooms are devoted to the safety needs and requirements for the specific patient population served. Entrance to the unit is separate from the main entrance of the hospital and may be accessed through the employee parking area at the south end of the hospital. There are parking spaces designated specifically for Senior Care Unit patients and their families.

Upon admission to the senior care unit, a thorough physical and mental evaluation is completed to determine the cause or causes of the behavioral or emotional issues and care is provided in a supportive environment with 24-hour nursing care to help ensure every patient’s well-being. The treatment team also develops an individualized treatment plan for each patient and works with the patient and family to develop an appropriate aftercare plan, which may include a day-program or outpatient therapy, with the objective to build on the progress achieved in the hospital.

Depression and other emotional illnesses are a significant problem for older adults, and national statistics show that one out of four adults suffers from serious emotional difficulties related to aging. The NPMC Senior Care Unit is designed to help patients and their families effectively treat those issues in a warm, safe environment with caring team of professionals and an individualized plan of care.

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