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Outpatient Rehabilitation

Call 501.620.1460

NPMC Outpatient Rehab provides customized outpatient therapy programs designed to help strengthen your body so you can live your healthiest life. Treatment in the outpatient therapy center may consist of speech language pathology and physical and occupational therapy. It may also include respiratory and cardiac therapy.

Meet Our Team

L-R front:  Matt Bemis, Occupational Therapist: Teresa Travis,  Physical Therapist Assistant; Nickie Giles, Physical Therapist Assistant; Dee Giles, Speech Language Pathologist; Elizabeth Myrik, Physical Therapist; Marleigh Leeks, Physical Therapist

L-R Back:  Ryan Norman, Rehab Tech; Lisa Beasley, Occupational Therapist; Jason Frisby, Speech Language Pathologist;  Gary Ashley, Rehab Tech

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